Through fundamental primary research, the Japan Core Equity investment team identifies quality companies within each sector and takes long-term positions. "Quality companies" are defined as financially strong with capable management teams.

Key Characteristics
  • Market oriented, style neutral
  • Opportunistically invests across all market caps
  • Sector weights are a residual of bottom-up stock selection
  • 1 year investment time horizon
  • 80-140 stock name portfolio

The inherent strengths of quality companies lead to more profitable growth over time. We seek to add value by investing in stocks of quality companies with high profit growth that has yet to be reflected in the share price, as well as in stocks that are undervalued relative to fundamentals.

The foundation of this approach is based on the research conducted by Nikko Asset Management's sector research analysts, who are assigned a Research Universe comprised of the top 1,000 stocks by market capitalisation in the Japanese equity market.

We believe our research capabilities and the firm's commitment to effective, bottom-up fundamental research is unique. Our long history and reputation in the Japanese market enables direct access to large numbers of senior company management, which enables intensive analysis of medium to long-term potential in a timely and efficient manner.

As fundamental and long term investors, the firm considers its in-house research capabilities to be the cornerstone for generating higher returns.