Investment Philosophy

Harvesting Growth, Harnessing Change We seek to identify undervalued companies capable of achieving high sustainable returns and benefiting from positive fundamental change to capture superior returns in Asia; one of the most dynamic and fast changing regions in the world. Harvesting Growth, Harnessing Change We believe that strong or improving Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance is essential for generating higher sustainable returns. We term the above as “Harnessing Change”. We aim to have a balanced portfolio with the largest representation of stocks with undervalued high sustainable returns and positive fundamental change, with ESG Risks and Returns analysis integrated throughout.

Asia – The Continent of Great Opportunity

A dynamic market transforming itself at an unprecedented speed. Capturing value from diverse Asian opportunities requires deep understanding and cultural awareness.

Growing opportunity set of potential investments in Asia, there are 50% more listed equities in Asia ex Japan today versus 10 years ago (>30,000). The combined US and EU equity listings have shrunk over that time1
1 billion Asians set to join middle class by 2030, while it is set to shrink versus shrinking in Japan, Germany and others2
China poised to become the world’s largest economy by 2030, India set to become the 2nd largest economy by 20503
Supplier to the world, increasingly cutting edge
[> 85% of global Semiconductor Foundry4 | > 85% Electric Vehicle Battery5 | > 85% Solar (Polys, Modules, Cells)6]

Unique and Dynamic Team

A unique and dynamic market requires a team approach of the same character.

Diversity of perspectives

We rely on the individual creativity and unique backgrounds of our team to produce varied, often unexpected insights into these sizable, fast-paced markets

Bottom-up approach

Relying on input from experts on the ground to generate the building blocks of the best investment ideas

Team mentality & mutual respect

An environment of trust, cohesion, and respect is the foundation for challenging, and subsequently integrating individual insights into a broader, coherent picture

The Asian Equity Team

The Asian Equity Team
  • Over 15 investment professionals based in Singapore and Hong Kong
  • 18 years of average industry experience
  • 10 primary nationalities
  • All major Asian languages spoken
  • Diversity across cognition, culture and demographics
  • Mutual Respect, the foundation of our collaboration

Investment Process

Tailored for the complexities of Asian markets and fundamental change.

Investment Process
Idea Generation
Scouring the investment universe for the most promising companies
Fundamental Research
Rigorous analyses to evaluate the best opportunities using proprietary 3-pillar framework
Portfolio Construction
Building a high-conviction portfolio to blend undervalued sustainable returns & positive fundamental change
ESG Risk and Return Analysis Integrated Throughout
Core part of our fundamental analysis, with each investment analyst responsible for proprietary ESG scoring, with the focus on two perspectives: Opportunities and Risk Control
Risk Management
Strict risk management practices integrated at all stages

ESG Implementation

ESG Risk and return analysis is integrated across the entire investment process, supported with the following ESG beliefs:

  • Strong or improving ESG is essential for higher sustainable returns
  • Focus on what’s material for Asia
  • Investment analyst led assessment works best

Key Characteristics

Concentrated exposure to a dynamic market transforming itself at an unprecedented speed
Finding the best companies characterized by undervalued positive fundamental change & sustainable returns
A strong institutional investment process tailored for the complexities of the Asian markets
ESG risk and opportunity analysis integrated across investment process
Diversity of backgrounds & perspectives, and local partnerships to generate the best investment ideas