Why Now?

Hard landing? Not even close.
China's GDP growth is stabilising. The country is riding on the dual trends of a growing tech and consumer culture.

From almost nowhere, its private companies are becoming world-beaters in high-growth tech sectors, from smartphones to civilian drones, e-commerce to ride-sharing.

Impending inclusions of Chinese equities and bonds to global indices will bring new investment ideas, and integrate its massive capital markets with the global financial system.

Even if you have shied away from China, its evolving story will impact your portfolio.

The time has come to put China on your watchlist; understand the dynamics that are driving New China.

Global Leadership

Over the next 30 years, China aims to be the world's economic superpower.

New Growth Model

The transition towards new, advanced-economy growth drivers offers a route to sustainable economic development.

Centrally Planned Economy

China's unique authoritarian-capitalist model has evolved to thrive in a global free market.

Belt and Road Initiative

The audacious Belt and Road Initiative will cover about 65% of the world's population, and transport a quarter of all the goods and services in the world.

Middle-Class Leverage

The consumer economy is forecasted to grow by 55 percent, to US$6.5 trillion.

Tech Powerhouse

China outlines its vision to become the leading player in science and technology globally by 2030.